We have recently had some courageous members sing solo with the choir for the first time.  It truly inspires me to see people taking that leap of faith, challenging themselves and discovering that they are more capable than they may have initially imagined.  And it’s not just about pulling off the tune either, it’s about tapping into something much deeper, bringing it to the surface and sharing it with everybody.  I’d like to say thanks again to Noel, Catherine and Sarah who are doing such a fantastic job with their parts.

The following is an email I received from Noel last week regarding his first experience singing a solo part with the choir:

Hello Jolene and fellow travellers,

Re: Last Tuesday

Yes! It was my moment of truth, but it worked OK due to your nurturing of a new experience in  my part of “In The  Morning”.

It reminded of a similar time over 40 years ago when I had to take my first class of adolescent Year 9 boys at what was Essendon Technical School. Prior to this I had worked on building sites in the City and Essendon as  a Plumber and hadn’t had contact with their lingo or their attempts  to  “take the mickey” out of the new Teacher.  I still vividly remember walking into the classroom to the Teacher’s rostrum and feeling the beads of sweat running down my spine. The good news was that I survived and went on stimulating the youths of the Victoria – hopefully for many more years.

Last Tuesday was different as I didn’t have to face the adolescent boys and instead had the support of fellow travellers who’s joint aim was to combine and enjoy each others’ efforts.  Thanks Jolene for your efforts and may the Brunswick Community Gospel Choir enjoy  each others’ company and great harmony in the future.

I just wish that I had the opportunity to participate earlier in a gift that we all get free at life’s starting line – music and song.
Let us all go for it!
No doubt you see it on their faces at the end of the night.
They are all looking pretty happy.
 No pills or “wacky tobaccy”

Happy days!



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