Josh MorseheadJosh Morshead: Founder

As a social worker based in St Kilda but living in Brunswick, Josh started Brunswick Community Gospel Choir with the intention of creating a community project within his own church.  In the first year of BCGC, Josh volunteered much of his personal time co-ordinating rehearsals, inviting people to come together and ensuring that a sufficient amount of tea was ingested post singing which enforced the strength of community that the choir is now founded upon.

Josh was part of the team at the St Kilda Community Kitchen that received a City of Port Philip 2010 Civic Project of the Year Award.  Before moving from Australia to Germany in 2011, Josh was the force that brought over 10 self-sustaining community kitchens around Melbourne to life.

Jolene Moran: Choir leader 2010-2020

Jolene Moran began leading in 2010 when she started Brunswick Community Gospel Choir with Joshua Morshead.  Coming from a jazz vocal background, she discovered the roots of jazz in gospel and field hollers and developed a repertoire based in the early years of gospel, also touching on its later influence in soul music with songs from artists such as Sam Cooke, Aretha Franklin and Etta James and Nina Simone. After 10 glorious years of singing with Brunswick, Jolene passed the baton onto Jacqueline Gawler.

“Choir leading and vocal coaching has taught me so much about people and their willingness to express themselves creatively. To be able to facilitate such a personal process has been one of the most rewarding tasks I’ve ever taken on.”  Jolene


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