If you’ve ever come along to our choir and wondered where I get my inspiration from you should check out this clip http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lu-8AQTcY54 – and make sure you watch the whole thing.  When it comes to connecting with a crowd of people and getting them to interact musically, I have not seen anyone do it as well as Mr Percival.

Spontaneity is this guy’s key to unlocking the treasures hidden in his audiences.  He rarely knows what’s going to happen before he gets on stage, yet always puts on a spectacular show that has everybody engaged, singing along and quite occasionally hugging each other.  My thought is that being spontaneous is an art and is not at all as erratic as the word itself suggests.  To act spontaneously means completely trusting yourself, ignoring any doubt in the mind, yet at the same time accepting (and being okay with the fact) that you could make a mistake.

Spontaneity is sudden and without thought process, which is exactly what makes it instictive.  By abandoning ourselves to our instincts (before the rational mind gets too involved) we allow the tasty juices of creativity flow.  Mmm! Mmm!

So I encourage you all again, when you sing, give yourself up to Lord of Music within.


Jolene Moran


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